Imagine crossing that gate where stories whirl over time, soils once walked by diversity turned into a society, and swirling between curtains woven in silken summer conversations. Welcome to the first stage in Anibal’s temple, a winding space with rooms dedicated to the sacred tradition of banqueting and bar snacks. This restoration area is located on the ground floor at Anibal’s as an entrée to everything that awaits and hides in between the corners. It is here where you will enjoy a collage of flavors and sensations brought to you from every corner of the world. Aníbal dreamed of a dining room to sit down and enjoy delights from all 5 continents and it will now be unfolded.

Our menu is the bible for palates that truly believe in and taste the most delectable delicacies, from oriental lovers of exoticism, through those seduced by tropical tastes, to followers of the explosive Latin West. A historical, glamorous enclave flanked by ornamented walls that will take you back in time to the most prominent evenings Anibal would hold for his guests. A colonial greenhouse towers above the restoration zone as the heart of the celebration of the nations, whose gathering point is disguised as a bar where you can have bar snacks and cocktails. This is all in the middle of a yard, like a Gothic temple transept, dominating evenings with no decline. Underlying are five sacred and pagan rooms in honor of the five heterogeneous continents of Earth, a place to get lost among aromas, to find oneself among flavors, and to enjoy among sensations.

Cold Entrées

Nigiri Platter, 4 Varieties
half serving 8.00€ ... full serving 16.00€
Crawfish & Avocado Salad
full serving 9.50€
Andalusian-Style Shrimp Salad
platter 4.50€ ... full serving 10.00€
Table-Made Guacamole
full serving 12.00€
Burratina Infused with Basil & Tomato Pesto
full serving 12.50€
Rubia Gallega beef Carpaccio, Dried tomatoes & Foie Salad
full serving 12.80€
White Sea Bass Ceviche Spiced with Yellow Chili Pepper
half serving 9.00€ ... full serving 16.00€
Sea Bass Tartar, Tortilla Chips, Lemon Cream & tender Sprouts
half serving 9.00€ ... full serving 16.00€
Iberian Loin Tartar
full serving 11.50€

Hot Entrées

Patatas Bravas & Kimchi Mousse
half serving 7.50€ ... full serving 12.50€
Signature Croquettes
half serving 8.00€ ... full serving 12.00€
Duck Tacos with Annato Mayonnaise
full serving 9.80€
Cheek & Leek Cannelloni with Truffle Menier
full serving 13.00€
Shellfish Gyozas
half serving 7.50€ ... full serving 12.50€

From the Sea

Cádiz-Style Fried Full Sea Bass
Codfish Confit Taco with Egg Cooked at Low Temperature & Caramelized Onion Cream
Grilled Conger Eel & Vegetables

From the Countryside

Rubia Gallega Entrecôte
Suckling Lamb Sweetbreads with Creamy Potatoes & Shitake mushrooms
Suckling Pig Cooked at Low Temperature with Basil Sautéed Rice

Pastas & Rice

Boletus Edulis Risotto & Foie
Cuttlefish, Shrimp & Artichoke Black Socarrat
Sautéed Calamarata with Boletus & Poached Egg



Acorn-fed Iberian ham
Wheat bran-wrapped Payoyo Cheese
Mature sheep cheese in oil
Iberian salami tacos
Ciabatta with tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

Cold and hot tapas

Traditional salmorejo with eggs and ham
Ajoblanco with minced salt-cured tuna and melon slush
King prawn salad
Ox nigiri with flambéed foie
Pork crackling nigiri with whiskey sauce
Tomatoes and Ventresca
Patatas bravas with spicy mousse
Signature croquettes
Daily special stew
Pork ribs
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Yet this comprehensive fusion of sensations would be incomplete without a nice cup-shaped complement. We offer a rich list of world-renowned labels in beverages and spirits to turn your evening into something more than a celebration. Authorial cocktails that change regularly to continue discovering new blends by poets with a shaker… Engaging his inner circle was the best toast Anibal could recite. It is hard to believe that this entire zone is only the beginning of Anibal, and you just need to discover what there is upstairs, and try not to get lost…